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Design and fabrication agency out of Portland, Oregon specializing in geodesic domes and motorcycles.
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The Cove Palisades

44°32′35″N x 121°16′30″W

The Cove Palisades

The weather was going to be nice for a few days in a row so we decided to grab the opportunity and really change our scenery. The Cove Palisades was the perfect spot to go camp and do just that. We gathered up a few friends and hit the road!

palisades12We ended up getting there after sunset, so we set up camp, started a fire, feasted out on hamburgers, and cracked out the whiskey. One thing led to another, and Andy’s laser broke out again. Paired with the smoke from the fire, some pretty spectacular photos were created.

palisades17palisades18In the wee ours of the morning we finally went to bed after  an impromptu flute & modern dance performance happened, (it was as amazing as it sounds). We woke up late and still a little tired. palisades16We made a tasty breakfast and then hung out in the campsite for a while enjoying the fresh air.palisades2palisades20palisades4palisades15 palisades7Then we adventured around the area, it is amazing how diverse Oregon’s landscapes are. Can you believe this is just three hours away from Portland?palisades13PalisadesThe rock formations are incredible, we were so captivated by the colors, shapes, and patterns formed by them. The plateau here called The Island was designated a research natural area in 1986. The Island supports one of the last relatively pristine remnants of pre-settlement ecology in the western United States, and was closed to most public access in 1997. Pretty rad. palisades10 palisades1One of our favorite things we discovered was this tree on the side of the road, covered in shoes. It would be awesome to know the story behind it. If one wasn’t looking you could drive right by it and never notice. When we go out and explore, we really try to keep our eyes open to everything around us, be present and fully immerse ourselves in our surroundings. palisades11 palisades8The trip was a great quick get away. We want to go back and try to find some rumored natural hot springs in the area, that are not apart of the very populated KahNeeTah resort. Any tips are welcomed 🙂

Forever Onward- Escape Collective

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