Escape Collective | About Us
Design and fabrication agency out of Portland, Oregon specializing in geodesic domes and motorcycles.
geodesic domes, custom motorcycles, fabrication, manufacturing, design, branding, art, tenting, structures, events, portland oregon
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About Us


Escape Collective is a team of designers, artists, engineers, builders, and sewers. Friends before business partners, their mission is to promote escapism through creative practice driven by curiosity and adventure.

For general work inquiries contact us at

Conor Kennedy

Conor Kennedy

His head engulfed by drill bits and diagrams, Conor is a mechanical engineer that fuses science and art to create resilient structures or ad-hoc fixes. He’ll always be found at the top of everything, figuring out how the world works.

Andy Sonwell

Andy Sonwell

Creating bold lines and marks that hold the pieces together, Andy is a brand builder and web guru. He’s a particularly driven individual whose work spans the many mediums that turn the gears of creative endeavors. (

Kara Jean Sonwell

Kara Jean Sonwell

Always exploring for a new way to see things, Kara discovers and creates beauty in any found object. A seamstress, artist, and lover of nature, she crafts experiences that incite joy and excitement.

Previous Clients

 Advisors & Collaborators

Joshua Weinstein
CEO of Fitwall


James Crowe
Crowe Metal Co.


David Keene 


Kyle Hartelt

Adam Dexter

CSO of Omni

The Cobalt Group
Business Consulting


Hillary Murphy


Jay Yun
Soekan Design

Griffin Loop

Blake Hudson
Hewed Fabrication


Cameron Spies
Radiation City


Lizzy Elison
Radiation City


Andi Bixel
Drip Edibles

Peter Giese
Founder of Soekan


Joal Stein


Joseph L. Lanker


Grant Blakeslee 

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