Escape Collective | oregon
Design and fabrication agency out of Portland, Oregon specializing in geodesic domes and motorcycles.
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46.1081° N x 122.2119° W

Continuing our exploration of the 26 different waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge, we visited Elowah falls and continued to Upper McCord Creek Falls. Being Memorial Day weekend we were expecting it to be packed, but since these falls are a little further along then...

Date: August 09th-29th, 2013 (18 cycling days/2 rest days). Distance: Aprox 1,200 miles (50-60 miles per day). Elevation: Aprox 50,000' total elevation climb/descent from Portland to Los Angeles. Max Elevation 984 ft (Legget climb) Minimum 0 ft (Pacific ocean) Steepest grade: 7% (Legget climb rt 101 to rt 1). Direction: North to South...

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