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Design and fabrication agency out of Portland, Oregon specializing in geodesic domes and motorcycles.
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Silcox Hut – Wedding Dome

45.3735° N, 121.6959° W

Silcox Hut – Wedding Dome

This summer we were contacted by an amazing couple, Ryan and Sabrina Fiorentino. Through a link of mutual friends, they knew of our domes and were very excited by the prospect of having one at their wedding in August.


When we learned that it would be set up at the highest point that any building resides on Mt. Hood, Silcox Hut, we knew we liked this couples style, and that we were very interested in the job. Though, it did come with some interesting transportation obstacles to overcome.


Frankly, there is no easy way up to Silcox Hut if you have more then just your person to transport, in that case, you can enjoy the ski-life year round. Otherwise, in the winter, you use a Snow Cat. In the Summer, you need to use one of their very ‘suped-up trucks or vans to drive up something that more-so resembles a riverbed then a road. So once we arrived with everything loaded on our flat bed, we had to unload, and reload into one of these said trucks. We transported the dome, the cover, a dance floor, decorations, a sound system, and the generator. It took a few runs, muscle and time, but we made it work!


silcox_hutSince it was in August, and it had been a very dry year, Mt. Hood looked very different from the snow-covered mountain we are so familiar with. So much so that the whole afternoon and evening we felt like we were no longer on Earth, but on a Moonbase!

Sadly with it being so dry, the sky was filled with a smokey-haze. Though, this did make for a breathtaking sunset. Photos truly don’t do it justice.



After an intimate wedding ceremony in the hut, the guests came out for a live string-quartet performance and the array of ‘first-dances’. (The Fiorentino’s were so kind and invited us to stick around for the epic-dance party that was about to happen.)SilcoxHutDome2 dylanstark

Our friend Dylan Stark (pictured above) was hired to be their DJ, which turned out to be a fun coincidence. He killed it on the dance floor and did a late-night set of his album that was just released. (You can listen to his music here!)
SilcoxHut_Sunset2Once night fell, that’s when things got super-spacey! The lights came on, and the party got groovin’.





You can even see the stars! Again, pictures barely do any justice to how amazing and brightly the stars were shining that night.

We had set up at a camp sight near Frog Lake down the mountain earlier in the day, so around midnight we got a ride back down the river bed and left the wedding party to dance until the wee-hours of the morning. The next day getting a ride back up in the ski-lift we waved to the Bride & Groom heading down to breakfast. We broke the dome down, and headed back into Portland. Feeling thankful that we were able to meet such a rad group of people, and be a part of such a special day in their lives.


Congrats Ryan and Sabrina! We wish you a long life full of love and laughter, something you obviously have an abundance of already.

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