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Design and fabrication agency out of Portland, Oregon specializing in geodesic domes and motorcycles.
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Design Week Portland

About This Project

We were commissioned to build the Headquarters for Design Week Portland in 2014. What a great week it was on Pioneer Square filled with truly incredible events!

We were lucky to to have Bud Wilson of AAN drop by the event dome and fill the space with hauntingly beautiful guitar riffs.  AAN just dropped a new album called Amor Ad Nauseum which can be heard on their Soundcloud. If you like the music you should pick up the Vinyl and listen to it properly!

Interactive artist and female coding enthusiast Mira Kaddoura also came by and was interviewed by Namita Gupta Wiggers. Mira spoke about the importance of getting girls into coding and how that’s most likely going to save the world. We agree with Mira and are totally inspired by her projects such as Made with Code and The Wonder Clock.

When Radiation City plays a show as mind-blowingly awesome (not to mention COMPLETELY FREE) as they did on Tuesday for Design Week Portland it makes all of the hard work of building and sewing domes totally worth it! Thanks guys!

Pictured above:Rebecca Gates serenading the audience with her sonic jams and Suzan Szeznay who was the editor-in-chief of Metropolis Magazine for 17-years assuring us that the younger “tech-addicted” generation might actually be better off without all of the over speculation on thinking that Twitter, Tumblr and Texting are making us dumber human beings. Chill.

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