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Neahkahnie Mountain

45°44′49″N x 123°57′06″W

Neahkahnie Mountain

After our very chilly hike last weekend, we were thrilled to see there would be 60* weather out on the Oregon Coast for a weekend trip our friends had been planning for a bit. Luckily we had planned to go to Manzanita, where one of the most spectacular Oregon Coast hikes is located.

NeahKahnie Mountain has a lot of history behind it, the name itself was given by Native Americans, which translates to “place of supreme deity”. They said the mountain has holistic healing powers, and I might believe it, the hike was filled with surreal beauty.

neahkahnie1neahkahnie2There is a legend that treasure was hidden on the mountain by ship-wreaked Spanish Crusaders, dating back to the 1800’s. You can read more about the fantasy here. As you are hiking up the trail there are a lot of spots where you get a teaser of your view up top that only builds the anticipation of the glorious Pacific Northwest you are about to experience. neahkahnie4neahkahnie5We lucked out and ended up timing the hike perfectly to watch the sunset. Turing around the last switch-back we were blasted with a golden-glowing pathway that illuminated the last steps till the summit. The view is dramatic- you are short of breath after your hike – and it’s hard to find it again after seeing all the glory of the coast 1,680 feet below you. neahkahnie


We rested for a while, soaked in the last bits of sunlight and the warm breeze before we started to head back down. It is highly recommend timing your summit with the sunset, though do bring flashlights to get back down. We did not and the last 15 minutes had to use our phone flashlights to get back down safely- which was a bit tacky. We will allow you to learn from our mistakes 😉 neahkahnie7neahkahnie12This time we hiked the trail that comes up from the East due to limited time- about a 4 mile hike in total, and less of an elevation gain if you want something less intense. If you arrive earlier in the day, the South-side trail is about 7 miles and is suppose to go through beautiful fields as well as the dense Sitka Spruce forest!

See you on the trails- Escape Collective


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