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Mirror Lake

45.2971° N x 121.7931° W

Mirror Lake

Last weekend we were all bedridden with a bug that seemed to take over all of Portland. So we were stoked to get out of the house this weekend to a cabin up on Mt. Hood with some friends. We ate a delicious dinner prepared by our friend and foodie Peter (if you wanna know how to make scrambled eggs the right way, ask this guy). Then set the mood for the evening by eating some Drip Ice Cream made by one of our frequent exploring buddies, Andi. We were gluttons, what can we say. But no worries since we were planning on hiking the next day out to Mirror Lake, just 20 minutes up the road from our cabin.mirrorlake15mirrorlake5

There were many beautiful bridges along the trail, this simple one built only of logs was our favorite. mirrorlake4mirrorlake3


It was a nice hike, a bit chilly and damp outside, but if you keep moving your body warms up. I loved all the big rocks and boulders along the way, it reminded us of what we were actually climbing all over, the magnificent Mt. Hood. mirrorlake14 mirrorlake13

Things got a little silly half- way through the hike.

Then we came upon the partially frozen lake, it was so serene and quiet you could hear the ice shifting over itself, and breaking along the shore. mirrorlake7 mirrorlake8It was sadly too overcast to see Mt. Hood, who can generally be spotted casually hanging out in the distance. We also missed a nice dumping of snow the next day, which could have been fun to frolic around in. We enjoy seeing how hikes differ from season to season though, because if we want to go again in the summer, it will be an entirely different experience.mirrorlake16mirrorlake17

 Driving home we were blasted with the most incredible sunset, and an epic double rainbow. In the past three or four hikes we have gone on, they have been ending with spectacular sunsets, which really just brings the whole experience to such a gratifying finish. Thanks Mother Earth, we think we’ll keep you around.

Forever Onward-Escape Collective

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