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Latourelle Falls

43'38'19.39"N x 122'28'17.84"W

Latourelle Falls

One of the first weekends of January we went on a hike, and while on our hike we remembered how awesome hikes are, and how lame we were for not going on them often enough (at least in the colder months). So, Resolution 2015 – go on an adventure every weekend! The hike that started us off was the beautiful Latourelle Falls. It was a great hike for January, fresh crisp air, and the mist making the forests look magical.



Latourelle Falls can be found along the Historic Columbia River Highway, and is one of the many of amazing waterfalls around the famous Multnomah Falls. Our recommendation? Skip the tourists and head straight to Latourelle, then reward yourself with a quick pit stop at Multnomah for an ice cream cone on your way home. latourellemossLatourelle There are a few places to hop off the designated trail (You can’t always follow the same path as everyone.) for the fearless to get some pretty spectacular up-close-and-personal views of the waterfall. As you can see, Kara took the role as ‘photographer’ to steer clear of those death-drops, and let Andy be the brave of heart. IMG_6610

It is truly rewarding to get out and connect with nature, leave the bustle of the city, and get a little dirty once a week. We are so stoked to see where our weekend adventures take us.

Till the next adventure- Escape Collective

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