Escape Collective | Invisible City – Alvord Desert
Design and fabrication agency out of Portland, Oregon specializing in geodesic domes and motorcycles.
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Invisible City – Alvord Desert

Invisible City – Alvord Desert

July 21st-25th. Alvord Desert, in the far SE corner of Oregon. BLM land. 1 month of planning. An overpacked flatbed truck. 8 hour drive through cities, mountains, plains, and high desert. 38 friends. What does this get you?

The Invisible City. Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 6.16.46 PMalvord21We arrive early Friday morning. Thrilled to be in such a vast freeing space. Set up starts immediately after we all rip our cars across the desert and to get to the center of nothingness.



We get to work. Each person pulling their weight, contributing everything they have to offer to create our home base. alvord4

As each new car arrives, they are welcomed with various gifts, and a manifesto:

“Welcome to the playa!
Our mission this weekend is to create a
transcendental oasis.
In this oasis, you are free.
Free from stress.
Free from anxiety.
Free to be who you want.
Allow yourself to feel the energy we cultivate
as a community, as a family.
You’re surrounded by positivity and love here.
Let that create a safe place for you to be
your truest self.
With this in mind,
Think about an intention you would like to have for
this weekend.
What are you seeking?
What do you need to let go?
What do you need to find?”

alvord37 alvord43

With the final touches on the campsite complete, we started Saturday with a fashion show, BLANK designed by Kara Jean and Nick Jacobs.

Alvord49 Alvord50Alvord1alvord51alvord10alvord52alvord9alvord8

After the show everyone went off to explore, ride, dance, and play. 
alvord19 alvord5alvord18Sunset yoga with Katherine Monroe got us all ~vibe’d-out~ to head into a euphoric night.

alvord17As night fell, we watched a transformative performance put on by Joseph Lanker. It set the tone for the evening, and as soon as he stopped performing, everyone joined in the dance party. The night felt like it went on forever.

alvord16 alvord12 alvord13 alvord14

We had fun with some high powered lasers, because that’s what you do in a desert in the middle of nowhere. alvord15

The next day we all hopped on the flatbed to the edge of the desert. There is a single shack, with the most restorative hot springs you will ever experience. A very kind woman named Rose was runs it, and asked if we were apart of a religious group (or a cult). We tried to tell her otherwise, but everyone dressed in white wasn’t acting in our favor. She happily shrugged, and showed us around.
Alvord22 alvord41

Our group photo. On Sundays, we wear white. Group photo 1

Sunday night was a test. We got hit by an epic rain and wind storm. Tents were flattened out, and blowing away. After tying our kitchen and various other structures down to our cars, everyone pulled their mattresses into the dome to sleep together and wait out the storm till sunrise. The Sun eventually rose, peace and quiet fell on the campground. The storm had passed, and it was time to go home.

alvord30 alvord48

With a closing ceremony, we all said one word that resonated with our weekend experience. Though really, it is indescribable. This is something that can not be put in to words. Our hope is that you can grab the essences of something truly spectacular that happened.


We will leave you with some portraits of a few of the absolutely beautiful beings that were apart of the adventure.

alvord42alvord38 alvord32 alvord26 alvord27 alvord11alvord50alvord53alvord54

With Light & Love, thank you for being apart of our story.

All photos taken by Aaron Rayburn, J Yun, and Kara Jean.

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