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Design and fabrication agency out of Portland, Oregon specializing in geodesic domes and motorcycles.
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Frendly Gathering

Magic Mountain, Vermont

Frendly Gathering

First things first, there is no ‘i’ in frends at the Frendly Gathering. I bet if you asked any single person at this event for a hug, they would give you one, and it wouldn’t be a measly one armed thing, it’d be like you were a long lost friend they so dearly missed all these years. It’s a special place (what other festival has 10 Anchors of Frendship listed on their website?!), and only the raddest of people could cultivate such a positive energy in 3,000 festival-goers. Danny Davis, and Jack Mitrani, both professional snowboarders, are the masterminds behind the festival, I’ll let their manifesto speak for itself:

“. . .We believe in cultivating lasting frendships that in turn foster collaborative success and stand to rid future generations of exclusivity.

We want to help create a “we” generation that is selfless enough to overcome the “me” mentality.

We strive to create a lasting environment that is built upon kindness, generosity, and respect. . .”

So, we were obviously stoked to send ESC member Andy over to the festival last year to set up one of our Geodesic Domes. During the festival it transforms into the Martin Guitar Jam Dome. In the dome there were intimate acoustic sets, an open mic stage, chill hangout area, and the opportunity to win a Martin Guitar.


20150627-_MGL2567This past weekend Andy, now accompanied by Marshall and Kara, headed out to Vermont to excitedly set up the Martin Guitar dome again, as well as test out an exciting new aspect of our company:


We have diligently been working on a new line of original Escape Collective Hammocks. We are BEYOND EXCITED about this,  and please stay tuned for our official launch of our exclusive designs coming this month. For our first foray into the world of selling hammocks, the Frendly Gathering couldn’t have been a better imagined environment. With Vermont’s beautiful tree’s everywhere, we set up a hammock-hang-out-oasis area in middle of the venue. It became a go-to spot for the festival goers who went a little too hard the night before and needed a cozy afternoon nap, or to just chill out with friends and listen to the music drifting all around them.

20150626-_MGL1059 20150626-_MGL1041 20150626-_MGL098220150626-_MGL1591

Right next to the hang-out we set up our booth that we ran our first ever Shibori Hammock Indigo-Dying workshop. It was a hit! The three classes totally sold-out, there even was a wait-list! We were thrilled and honored people were so responsive to the event with so many other amazing things going at the festival as well.


Shibori dying is an ancient  Japanese dying technique using binding, folding, twisting, or compressing methods with fabric. In the class we taught three basic methods.

Itajime- which is a shape-resist technique that creates a simple, clean, grid pattern.

Kumo- is a pleat and binding technique. This creates the stunning spider-like circle effect

Kanoko-  this technique has the most similarity to western tye-dye, where we twisted the hammocks as much as it would go, to create a natural running-water looking effect.

What we loved so much about the workshop, and what we hoped would happen, were peoples individual interpretations and uses of the techniques. Seeing people combining different ways to bind, or taking what they learned and expanded on it, was very inspiring to watch!

Take a look at all the shots Marshall took of everyone working on their personalize creations:

_MGL2410_MGL0878Everyone loved their fun Escape stamps they got when they signed up for the class.20150626-_MGL167020150626-_MGL1129A lot of couples took the class together, we hope you have fun snuggling away in your Escape Hammock! 20150626-_MGL1247

20150627-_MGL2433Very impressed at these girls ability to take the class and not leave with indigo all over their white outfits! Their hammock turned out pretty rad as well. FG1This lady killed it at using the Kumo technique! 20150626-_MGL200220150626-_MGL206020150626-_MGL1382

What a beautiful weekend. Everyone did a fantastic job, we are so looking forward to teaching more workshops in the Portland, Oregon area, and hope to see you all back at the Frendly Gathering next year!

If you have Facebook or Instagram, please share photos of your #escapehammock with @esccollective. #hammocklife is the best life, is it not?!

Happy Summer,

Escape Collective Crew

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