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Elowah Falls

45.61194 N x -121.99472 W

Elowah Falls

elowah18Continuing our exploration of the 26 different waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge, we visited Elowah falls and continued to Upper McCord Creek Falls. Being Memorial Day weekend we were expecting it to be packed, but since these falls are a little further along then the rest, it was surprisingly mellow. elowah14

None of us have ever been to Elowah falls, and we were surprised that they cascaded down into a pool you could walk right into. The hike was quick and easy as well, so we are definitely planning on coming back on a hot summer day and relaxing in the misty breeze. elowah17elowah8elowah7IMG_0295It was so misty the camera lens ended up with moisture all over it. But I like the effect it gave the camera, I think it actually gives a interesting perspective to what hiking out in nature truly looks like; glowing with a magical light that intoxicates your senses and thrives with life and greenery.

elowah10We continued back the way we came and then took the trail towards Upper McCord Creek.elowah12elowah15Elowah5There is a really amazing view point that hugs the cliff side along the trail. We hung out here for a bit to take it all in. The rock-face was covered with so many amazing plants. I wish I could have a living wall in my house covered in moss, succulents and flowers just like the ones we passed by.  elowah11elowah16Elowah1 Elowah3We spied the mossy spot between Upper McCord waterfall and thought it would be the perfect place to hang out, have lunch and a few ciders. 
ElowahEveryone went off did their own thing for a bit. Exploring, mediating, taking an icy and refreshing plunge into the river. It was a really fantastic way to spend the afternoon, and we all left feeling enlivened by all the fresh air given to us by the sky and the trees.

We found a new hiking book last week and the quote on the back really hits the nail on the head:

“There is a presence and an influence in Nature and the Open which expands the mind and causes brigand cares and worries to drop off – whereas in confined places foolish and futile thoughts of all kinds swarm like microbes and cloud and conceal the soul.”  – Edward Carpenter


Ever Onward,

Escape Collective

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