Escape Collective | Marshall Birnbaum
Design and fabrication agency out of Portland, Oregon specializing in geodesic domes and motorcycles.
geodesic domes, custom motorcycles, fabrication, manufacturing, design, branding, art, tenting, structures, events, portland oregon
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Author: Marshall Birnbaum

46.1081° N x 122.2119° W

Date: May 16, 2015 Distance: 100 miles Direction: East to West along the Northern Rim (Out-and-Back) of the Grand Canyon, AZ. Ascent/Decent: 9,800 ft/9,800 ft Max, Min, Av Elevation: 9,800, 7,200 ft, 7,800 ft Running Surface: 55% single track, 35% double track, 10% Off-trail Finishing time: 29+ hrs Gear: Hydration backpack, Sunglasses, Hat, Brooks Cascadia running shoes, headlamp, warm running jacket,...

Date: Jul 12, 2014 Distance: approx. 62.1 miles (100k) Direction: South to North along the Continental Divide (Idaho/Montana) in the U.S. Ascent/Decent: 12,700 ft/15,100 ft Max, Min, Ave Elevation: 10,049 ft, 5,500 ft, 8,500 ft Running Surface: 59% single track, 35% ATV double track, 6% boulder/skree Finishing time: 16:31:49 Gear: Hydration backpack, Sunglasses, Hat, Brooks...

Date: August 09th-29th, 2013 (18 cycling days/2 rest days). Distance: Aprox 1,200 miles (50-60 miles per day). Elevation: Aprox 50,000' total elevation climb/descent from Portland to Los Angeles. Max Elevation 984 ft (Legget climb) Minimum 0 ft (Pacific ocean) Steepest grade: 7% (Legget climb rt 101 to rt 1). Direction: North to South...

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