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Design and fabrication agency out of Portland, Oregon specializing in geodesic domes and motorcycles.
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Angels Rest

37° 18' 58" N x 080° 45' 42" W

Angels Rest

Another abnormally beautiful day for this time of year in Oregon, we had a perfect Sunday in our opinion. Brunch at the Tannery, then out to Angels Rest for an afternoon hike, then dinner at the newly remodeled Blackbird Pizza. We quickly realized when parking around Angels Rest that we were not the only people in the area that thought it was the perfect day for a hike. But there is something to be said for starting a hike around 3, you generally miss the crowd on a popular hike like Angels. Or just don’t go on a Sunday. Angel10 Angel9 Angel8The hike begins with a lush forest setting but quickly changes as you gain elevation. One reason for this was a fire that blasted through the summit in the 90’s, there are still beautifully haunting burnt trees scattering the mountain side. You also start coming upon large outcroppings of really interesting rocks that we had fun climbing all over. Angel5We had even more fun making rock sculptures, Andy Goldsworthy style.

Angel14 Angel4There are many points along the hike where you think the summit should be just around the corner, then around the corner you turn to see it looming hundreds of feet above you still, the summit is nearly 1500 ft!

Angel6 Angel7The view at the top is magnificent, the best one you can find in the Gorge, with a 270* view. No question why this a popular hike. There are many dare-devil spots where you can climb out to sit and let your feet dangle over the cliff-side drop-offs. Or you could just sit on one of the many benches, to each their own. Angel13Angel2It was pretty dang windy when we got to the top, to the point where at some moments we were afraid where we’d blow right off the edge! And Kara’s hands became icicles, so, something to think about when deciding weather or not to bring that hoodie along with you.

Angel3Angel1We hung out up top for a while until our stomachs yelled at us loud enough for pizza and we finally listened. In the photo below you can see the rock outcropping rising above the trees, that’s the summit! When you are hiking up it seems ridiculously high, but it’s even crazier to look at when you are zipping back down the cross backs thinking how you were just a speck up there.



Off to get pizza! – Escape Collective

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